1) What is a Google Trusted Photographer?
Google Trusted Photographers are trained and certified by Google to ensure strict quality standards are maintained.

2) Can I use these panoramas on my business website?

Yes. Feel free to embed the virtual tour on to your company website and share on social media networks, blogs, e mail and much more.  Houston360Photo will help with this process.

3) What will Houston360Photo do that I can’t do myself?

Houston360Photo is trained to take commercial quality panoramic photos of interior spaces. The photographers are also certified to take pictures using fisheye lenses and rotating camera heads. The photos are uploaded to Google where they will be transformed into a 360 degree panoramic Street View tour of your business.

4) Could my photos be removed for other reasons?

Yes, your photos might be removed if they are found to violate the Google photo policy. Although all business images undergo quality review before being uploaded, some photos may still be reported as inappropriate and later removed.

5) Can I blur the images or take down all panoramas from my business listing?

Yes, if you see a major issue you can ask us to blur some areas in each of the panoramic images. You may also ask us to take down all panoramas.  Please note that the blurring/removal process may take several days.

6) Can I review the photos after they are taken and before they go live on my Google+ Local page?

No. The technology requires uploading and processing the raw images on Google servers to create the panoramic virtual tour.  It is not possible to review the panoramas before they are uploaded to Google.

7) Will Google be using the imagery in other applications besides Google+ Local pages?

Google may use these images in other products and services in new ways that will make your business information more useful and accessible to users. For example, further integration with Google Maps will allow customers to find these images easily from the 360-degree Street View imagery of nearby roads for many locations.

8) Who from my business can give legal permission for the photo shoot?

You must have the proper authority to grant Houston360Photo access to the business premises to take photographs and subsequently to allow Google to use those photographs in its products and services. People with this authority include the owner of the business or a director or manager with the authority to make those commitments on behalf of the business. Please note that by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and the Google Terms of Service before your photo shoot, you are confirming that you have the authority to make that commitment.

9) How much does it cost?

Cost is based on the number of panos and the square footage  area you wish to include in the virtual tour. Houston360Photo is available to answer questions and provide a no obligation estimate. The cost is very reasonable.

10) Will there be additional reoccurring charges after paying for the shoot and adding it to Google search results?

No, there is a one time fee for the photographer and no additional charges relating to the virtual tour.