Legal Powerhouse Embraces Google Virtual Tours

Jim Adler & Associates embraces new technology and loves exploring ways to add value to their clients through innovation.

When the firm learned about Google Street View they knew they wanted to feature a See Inside tour of each of their offices for Google Maps. Why? “Simply to make our clients more comfortable and help them to get to know us better,” said Toby Vyvjala, the firm’s Internet Marketing Director. “I personally use Google Maps and See Inside tours to familiarize myself with new travel destinations. We wanted to do the same for our clients. When someone’s been seriously injured they have a lot going on in their lives. If providing a virtual tour removes a little anxiety from a client coming to see us for the first time then it is well worth it in my opinion.”

Google Street View virtual tours are affordable and easy to schedule.
Give Google Trusted Photographer, Mark Susman a call today. 713-622-5620.

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Legal Powerhouse Embraces  Google Business View Virtual Tours
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Legal Powerhouse Embraces Google Business View Virtual Tours
Leading personal injury law firm, Jim Adler & Associates believes Google Street View virtual office tours makes it easier for clients to visit their offices and feel welcomed.

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